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Purple Tube Boom Car Green Forester 8LFT299 Shakes The Entire Neighborhood

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Today I made a fifth call to the sheriff regarding:

Purple Tube Boom Car Green Forester SUV 8LFT299 Who Shakes The Entire Neighborhood

with their terrifying 'music' booming - sounds like very loud and frightening explosions coming down the street, shaking everyone's house and the entire street for blocks, you can hear this vehicle coming a mile away, literally.

Who knows this person's parents? I'm so done having my house shaken, feeling like bombs are exploding outside, because of this one single extremely disrespectful person. The sheriff is supposedly taking me seriously - but then where are they - they're not actually doing anything.


My calls to sheriff regarding this vehicle have been

Monday 11/30/20 - (afternoon or early evening)
Wednesday 12/16/20 - (afternoon or early evening)
Thursday 12/24/20 - (afternoon or early evening)
Thursday 1/14/21 - (afternoon or early evening)
Friday 5/14/21 - 1pm

I didn't complain the first day it happened - this has been happening for a couple years now - that first complaint was after over a year of it happening, so the list of times there have been a problem is a lot longer of a list.

Someone tell this person's parents to take their purple tube car away from them, they are abusing it, and the entire neighborhood with it.

It shakes my house, scares my cats, scares me, today it literally moved the computer mouse and woke the computer. It's shaking everything - with scary loud vibrating explosion sounds. That is not fair to anybody. I shouldn't have to explain it, much less feel like I'm being exploded every time this driver decides to visit the area. I shouldn't have to post it all over the internet. This person should just have some common respect for the world/this neighborhood, and knock it off!!!

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