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Introducing - The Lamest Place in Cyberspace - The Lamest Place in Cyberspace


Introducing Santa Cruz Abalone Works

Introducing Santa Cruz Abalone Works
Santa Cruz Abalone Works, Abalone Art, Abalone Jewelry, Fine Art, Fine Jewelry
Santa Cruz Abalone WorksSanta Cruz Abalone Works

Introducing MoneyBlast.US




Introducing Damon's

Introducing Damon's

Introducing MoneyBlast.ME


Introducing AccountBlaster


Introducing Super Bomb Reversi

Super Bomb Reversi

Introducing Arlon

Arlon Home of Inventor Programmer Appraiser Arlon Arriola

Introducing, Home of Nick Young's Painting

Introducing Home of Nick Young's Painting

Welcome to Santa Cruz Appraisal

Santa Cruz Appraisal - Fast Santa Cruz Residential Real Estate Appraisals

Introducing Super Bomb Reversi Discussion

Base Pricing - Bro Deals

Base price is basically $25/hr labor $25/month maintenance, $25/hr labor extended development.

Example: To develop a website that would take 1 week costs $1000. 8hrs/day x 5 days x $25/hr and costs $25/month to keep up with basic maintenance.
If a half a day's work is required to add a feature that's around $100.

$25/yr to manage any domain name and that comes with email per site.

Everything's $25 basically.

Of course you do not have to pay for anything you do not like - design is essentially free - to a degree - if extended development is necessary this would be included in the fee.
In other words if re-design is due to indecision the fee for re-design has to be included.
You will get lots of choices to pick from as a basic package - but if you need more than lots - it will be included in the fee.

A basic static 'Web Page' with company or personal info and a few personal touches would take about a half a day or so, so a good estimate for a simple basic company page would be about $100 for a basic 1-3 page intro site, (not including the domain name).

- Bare Bones - Bottom Dollar -
If $100 is still too much, and only a very basic bare-bones starter intro landing page with a photo and contact info or something similar is necessary, bones starter landing site is $25 plus $25 domain name, $25/month maintenance. If a landing page is really all that is necessary and absolutely no changes are needed for periods of six months or more, the maintenance fee will be reduced to only $5/month!!

Nobody else charges these ridiculously low rates! Talk about a 'Bro Deal'!!

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