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Santa Cruz Web Factory - Do You Want A Website? ... Or Do You Want A Web Blaster!!!Personal Site - Photo Site - Business Site - Custom Site - Game Site - Facebook Interface Application or Game - Custom Java Desktop Program or Application - Random Web ...Thing - Home and Small Office Network Setup and Cabling - Arbitrary Software You Design For Yourself (you design it, we create it for you) - Chrome Extensions - ...... tired of getting 'logged out?'......Their page just doesn't cut it? SCWF can help fix web pages you need to use more effectively.
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Welcome WebBlaster.US new ad for Santa Cruz Web Factory

Welcome WebBlaster.US new ad for Santa Cruz Web Factory

Base Pricing - Bro Deals

Base price is basically $25/hr labor $25/month maintenance, $25/hr labor extended development.

Example: To develop a website that would take 1 week costs $1000. 8hrs/day x 5 days x $25/hr and costs $25/month to keep up with basic maintenance.
If a half a day's work is required to add a feature that's around $100.

$25/yr to manage any domain name and that comes with email per site.

Everything's $25 basically.

Of course you do not have to pay for anything you do not like - design is essentially free - to a degree - if extended development is necessary this would be included in the fee.
In other words if re-design is due to indecision the fee for re-design has to be included.
You will get lots of choices to pick from as a basic package - but if you need more than lots - it will be included in the fee.

A basic static 'Web Page' with company or personal info and a few personal touches would take about a half a day or so, so a good estimate for a simple basic company page would be about $300 for a basic 1-3 page intro site, (not including the domain name).

- Bare Bones - Bottom Dollar -
If $300 is still too much, and only a very basic bare-bones starter intro landing page with a photo and contact info or something similar is necessary, bones starter landing site is $225 plus $25 domain name, $25/month maintenance. If a landing page is really all that is necessary and absolutely no changes are needed for periods of six months or more, the maintenance fee will be reduced to only $20/month!!

Nobody else charges these ridiculously low rates! Talk about a 'Bro Deal'!!

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