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Stirring Is the New Bogging

The latest trend in food appreciation is to never stir it, says web-dev extraordinaire Arlon Arriola. The reason, he says, is that stirring is lame. He cites James Bond, as well as East Asian tradition to back up his claim, see this Quora article:

In addition, he says, stirring is just lame. And this goes quadruply so, he says, for the chef. If anyone is going to do any stirring, he says, it should be the person eating the food. But still, even then, he says, seriously, why stir it, when you could just eat it, get on with it, and stop playing with your food.

This all began for him, one day, he says, when he was watching a would-be chef attempt to prepare a meal that he was to partake in. "They just wouldn't stop stirring it" he says, which eventually led him to the realization that - nobody needs to stir anything, ever! To this day, Arlon is an enormous proponent of preparation of food sans any type of stirring. "It's so easy to go overboard and just keep stirring" he says, "Tossing's fine, whirling, sliding it around - just, anything but stirring."

Sometimes you really need to turn the food over to balance the heat absorption - so, toss it, flip it, anything but stir." he says "If you start stirring it" he says "you won't be able to stop, at any logical point." He reiterates thusly - "If you look down, while you're cooking, and see your hand stirring the food all around" he says "ask yourself - 'Why, why am I doing this? Why am I doing this to myself?! Why, when I could just toss it once, or twice, instead, and then just get over myself? Why am I being so lame? Why am I stirring?' Don't do it! Stir only if you want to bog."

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